The average price for a new car was a record-breaking $47,077 in December. India levies an import tax of 125% on overseas imported cars, while the import tax on parts such as gearboxes, airbags, drive axles, is 1

By 2025, the vehicles will even know when drivers are about to have a sudden health drawback and warn them, according to the Japanese automaker. Electric cars on this commentary refer to electric light-duty autos, which include passenger cars and light

The Group’s strong performance throughout this period was pushed specifically by beneficial product combine factors and constructive pricing results for model new vehicles as properly as stable selling costs of pre-owned vehicles. Hero Motors is a form

Some good news about China.BMW is considering rising its planned investments there, based on local stories citing a company govt, despite the sharp decline in the country’s car market because of the COVID19 coronavirus. The CEO of BMW group area China,

Also, don’t forget that not all spark plugs are sized equally, so examine your software before hitting the ‘buy’ button. Continuing the recent pattern of DIY instruments, we’ve chosen spark plug sockets as today’s listing of choices. While not all of u