A Biker’s Body Armor

A Biker’s Body Armor. It has been said before and hardly be stressed enough, Safety First!
Motorcycle personal protective equipment should be worn at all times.
As most people would assume PPE does not prevent accidents, they do prevent the severity of the injuries and might just the channel to keep you alive.

A Biker’s Body Armor
A Biker’s

Among other functions, here are the privileges you get from wearing protective gear:

  • Higher visibility – Bright colors and retroreflective stripes make motorists more visible to other road users.
  • Padding – Heavy quality duty jackets and pants give extra padding to vulnerable joint regions.
    They contain simple foam padding or dual-density foam that may be supplemented with carbon fiber outer-shells that distribute force across the pad on impact and stiffens when compressed.
  • All-weather protection – PPE protects you from extreme weather conditions such as strong wind, rain, or cold.
    However, some may cause heat stress and loss of control under high temperatures.
    It is therefore advisable to select the fabric that is hot weather friendly and waterproof.
  • Abrasion resistance – Most PPEs are constructed from thick tough fabrics to provide abrasion resistance in a crash.

There are basic motorcycle PPEs that every rider should own.
These general protective gear can be bought from your motorcycle trader.


According to research, full-face helmets are 67 percent effective in preventing traumatic brain injuries.
Also, a rider without this gear is 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury compared to one with a helmet.
When purchasing a helmet, wear it first to ensure it fits properly.
Additionally, do a full-face armor to prevent the avoidable injuries often caused by half helmets.


Gloves are worn to protect your hands from pavement and ground abrasion, blisters, sun, and cold.
They should be specifically designed for motorcycle use which has carbon fiber knuckle protection with slightly curved fingers with rigid padding.

Jacket and pants

Most jackets and pants have extra padding on the elbows, spine, shoulder, knees, and hips.
They can be made of leather, Cordura, ballistic nylon, Kevlar, or other synthetics.
Due to competition, jacket armor has been improved to contain airbag system technology and vest for accident and impact protection.
Also, back and chest protectors can be worn underneath the jackets.


Boots offer foot and ankle protection.
Do not just get any boots but ensure they have a rubber sole for toughness and contain reinforcements and plastic caps on the ankles.
Others may have steel-reinforced stores although this reduces foot sensitivity.
Despite the toughness, most are lightweight boots.

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