Best Motorcycle Seats for Long-Distance Trips

Best Motorcycle Seats for Long-Distance Trips. If you have been riding your bike for years, bead seats, rubber donuts, and air bladders can take you so far. There comes a time when you need to replace your seat. It is painful to ride a bike without a proper seat. The fact is your butt deserves better so do it this favor. Replacing your seat can change your riding experience for the better.

There are so many aftermarket seat options available so you have to completely understand your goal for you to refine your search.
As a motorcycle importer, I advise that you need to ask yourself these questions before buying a seat. Then look at your budget.

  • Do you want to make a fashion statement? Or are you looking for comfort and functionality?
  • How much time do you spend riding? What type of riding do you do?
  • Do you carry a passenger? How often do you do that?
  • Do you ride in harsh or wet weather conditions?
  • Do you need the support of a wider seat or the stock profile works just fine?

These questions will help you determine which seat gives you the best riding experience. At times, you may not even need to replace your seat but add some paddings or change the seat cover.

Best Motorcycle Seats for Long-Distance Trips
Best Motorcycle Seats for Long-Distance Trips

Here is a list of some of the best seats in the market.

Mustang’s Super Touring for Harley Freewheeler

This sweetheart can fit into 36 different Harley latest models. The rider sits 1.75 inches further back than the stock seat. It is also has a 19-inches wide seat and has thicker padding compared to the stock seat. Additionally, it’s fit for passengers as they have a 14-inches wide saddle. There is no compromise on comfort with this Mustang make.

Airhawk Independent Suspension Seat for BMW

I have discovered that Harley and BMW riders need the most coddling. You are guaranteed of not only pressure reduction but also not to feel any shocks while riding on this seat. It’s built to provide even weight distribution and easier leg passage. Regardless of your height, this seat makes it easier for you to step down.

Sargent World Sport Performance Seat

For the sports bike riders, this baby sorts you out from Yamaha to Aprilia. Computer-designed techniques and advanced digital modeling have been used to build this seat. The PVC acrylic alloy gives you an exceptional seat foundation. Also, it incorporates foam suspension to create resilience, thermal retention, and vibration absorption. Besides, the neutral seating angle offers more comfort for long-distance rides.


I am autoaccessorinity

I am autoaccessorinity