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Welding in some bits to a 1910 Overland and adding two extra axles and 4 more guncart-style wheels, Reeves created the OctoAuto, proudly displaying it on the inaugural Indianapolis 500. Like its Marvel Comics-worthy name, the car was a bit of a monster, measuring over 20 ft. long. Zero orders for the patently ugly and foolish OctoAuto apparently didn’t discourage Reeves, who tried once more the following year with the Sextauto . Reeves is remembered at present as the inventor of the muffler, which is way from ignominy. Brun Motorsports was a Swiss auto racing group founded in 1983 by Walter Brun. The group was initially a Porsche privateer group in sports activities car racing before it became a full-fledged chassis constructor in 1992 after a sequence of a number of international championships.

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I am autoaccessorinity

I am autoaccessorinity

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